How To Compost Everything You Need To Know

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Lars Hundley cuts through the vast amount of information on composting in this quick and to-the-point guide, to give you the essential information you need to start composting now.

This guide is for those new to composting and the following topics are covered:
* Types of compost bins and the pros and cons of each (as well as no bin options)
* Composting accessories and which are essential (answer: none!)
* What to put in your compost bin -- and what to avoid (sorry, dog poop is out)
* An easy way to balance carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials (no math involved!)
* Compost troubleshooting -- common problems and how to solve them (from sulfur to slime - it's covered)

Whether you just want a pile in the backyard, or the latest in compost tumbler technology, this guide will get you off to a great start. more

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