Vegetable Gardening in the North

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This book, written by award winning garden author Doug Green, describes the simple ways for beginner gardeners to succeed with growing vegetables in their backyard garden. The book lists a variety of techniques to both get a headstart on the growing season and succeed in short-growing areas. This is a practical how-to kind of book written by a seasoned pro gardener who’s been there and done that.

Green describes practical ways to get more vegetables from smaller spaces and maximize harvests on existing plants. From simple crop rotation to answering garden questions such as “How many plants do I need to feed my family?” this is a great starter book for feeding your family and reducing your food bills.

Written in Doug’s simple easy-to-understand style and tinged with his normal humor, this is a practical manual of growing vegetables in the backyard garden.

What They're Saying

I love your style of writing. Easy, knowledgeable but not condescending. I agree with everything in the book. Great information about each vegetable. The information applies to the beginner gardener or the expert gardener.
-Mrs. Know It All of garden radio

What I love about your nonsense, 'Doug Green' voice.....good grounded information offered from someone who has years of experience in the field.
-Fran Sorin author, garden tv host and garden designer

The book emphasizes common sense and adaptability, general in the first half and specific in the second, with useful details about cultivating a broad range of vegetables. He writes it all in a friendly, shoot-from-the-hip voice that covers all bases without drowning you in data. Again, this is the right style for me, who just wants a few reliable guidelines to follow, plus a fingertip resource when I need particulars about my vegetables of choice.
Carolyn Haley - author 'Open Your Heart with Gardens' more

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