Quickly Learn How To BulletProof Your Veggies With

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Bonus Chapter Included: Common Gardening Mistakes!

In this brief, but amazing book, you will find some incredible detail on organic gardening and on how you can save your veggies from harmful chemicals. You will learn what organic gardening really is and how it differs from the conventional ways of horticulture.

For example:

It will share the reasons why organic methods are used
How organic gardening is sustainable
How using the natural process offer the greater benefits
Synthetic products
How to maintain viability and fertility

Further, you will find out about the top benefits to going organic and how it can benefit your health and how you can reduce your spending.

For example:

Healthy eating
Better exercise because horticulture brings you outdoors
How to save money

In addition to this, the book provides you with a host of illustration surrounding the certain topics. For example, it will depict actual pictures of harmful bugs, insects, and pesticides that are no good for the body. It goes into detail about some of the harmful effects and how to avoid them.

This illustrative book also includes some detail ways in which you can use the act of organic gardening as a mental way to escape and find peace & relaxation for those weary moments in your life. For example, you can learn how to use organic gardening as a therapeutic mechanism by digging in the earth and soiling your dirt.

You will also find an entire chapter dedicated to some Quick Tips on how you can get going fast with organic gardening, but it's simply used to help you put 1 foot forward, but maintaining a slower and more consistent methods will help promote long term growth and stability of your organic garden for maximum benefit.

I will share with you some examples of the types of tips you will see: These tips will be explained in detail in the book. We give you the ones we thought were more fun to do and quite entertaining.

The Chicken Run
Fill Up That Space
House For Toads

And a few more amazing, but quick things you can do to get off to a fast start with your organic gardening.

There is a very powerful and detailed chapter of organic food and the effects on the human body. I encourage you to spend a good amount of time reading and re-reading this chapter. It talks about how a healthy lifestyle begins with you and what you choose to put into your body. There must be a right way to eat? Well, it is and you can find out in this book what’s better to put in your body when you choose to go green!

Also, and because there is so much controversy around what is really organic and what is not, we included a detailed & illustrative description on what stamps of approvals to look for and how to determine if it's authentic or not.

A quick example would be understanding the organic seal and the labeling and how to determine how much percentage is it really organic. Well, we got it all laid out for you in this book, so you will never be fooled again.

What can you expect to take away from this read? Well, let’s see.....

You will be eagerly excited about starting your own small organic garden. Even if it's just a handful of veggies, you are going to want to get started right away. That's why it was important that we added a quick tips chapter.

Also, some even more important take- a ways from this book will include, but is not limited to:

A greater understanding of organic gardening, how you can quickly get started, how organic foods can affect your body in a great way, have a working knowledge on how to weed thru the crap and find the 100% certified organic foods where labeled, and how to avoid gardening mistakes.

You can't go wrong with purchasing this book. We have made it simple, but very detailed and its content is solid and provides a strong read with ease.

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