Emergency Food Survival Seed Nongmo Nonhybrid Gift Variety

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LIFETIME MYLAR BAG SEEDS SEALED READY FOR STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED TO HARVEST DRY AND RE-USE SEEDS SAVE MONEY ON YOUR FOOD BILL THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING TESTED 04/12 98 % Germination Packed 01/2012 YOUR ORDER WILL INCLUDE 30 VARIETIES OF NON GMO NON HYBRID HEIRLOOM AAA PREMIUM SEED SEEDS OF THE FOLLOWING VARIETIES: 1.MANALUCIE TOMATO (100plus +SEEDS)great hot weather variety very tasty 2. Blue Lake Snap Bean great flavor(50plus + seeds) 3. Dark Red Kidney Bean great in chili (50plus + seeds) 4. Buttercrunch Lettuce (400plus+ seeds) 5. GREEN Broccoli (150plus+ seeds) 6. CABBAGE ALL SEASON (100plus+ seeds) 7. Scarlet Nantes carrot very tasty(300+plus seeds) 8. Golden Corn (50+plus seeds) 9. CANTALOUPE HALES BEST JUMBO(50+plus seeds) 10. Marketmore Cucumber (50+plus seeds) all time favorite 11. Foot Long cucumber tasty (50+plus seeds) 12. Eggplant black beauty(50+plus seeds)Great in many recipes 13. Cherry Belle Radish (50+plus seeds)salad favorite 14. Spinach (50+plus seeds) 15.California Wonder Bell Pepper (50+plus seeds) 16. Jalapeno Pepper (50+plus seeds) A favorite 17 Watermelon (50+plus seeds) super tasty too 18. Yellow Crookneck Squash (50+plus seeds) 19. Zucchini Black Beauty (50+plus seeds) Great In Italian Recipes 20.Long Red Cayenne Pepper (50+plus seeds)great in hot spicy recipes 21. ONION (100+plus seeds) Fast Grower Tastes Great 22.Dark Red Beet (50+plus seeds) Great Taste 23.Fordhook Lima Beans (50+plus seeds) 24. Sunflower Seeds (50+plus seeds) SUN FLOWER SEEDS ARE FUN TO EAT 25. BEEFSTEAK TOMATO (150+plus seeds)yummy all time favorite 26. TURNIP SEVEN TOP TURNIP GREENS(100+plus seeds GREAT TASTE) 27.COLLARDS GEORGIA SOUTHERN COLLARD GREENS (100 seeds)FANTASTIC FAVORITE GREAT TASTE 28. CELERY (100+PLUS SEEDS)GREAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND SALADS 29. PUMPKIN (50 seeds) Great Favorite 30. Brussels sprouts(50 seeds) PLUS EXTRA SURPRISE SEED THIS ITEM IS GUARANTEED TO WEIGH OVER 5 OUNCES ....read more

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