Rain Wizard 50 Gal Rain Barrel

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This oak colored, 50 gallon water tank, is excellent for irrigation and other purposes. The Rain Wizard 50 Gal Rain Barrel is durable, and made to handle all types of weather conditions. It is made of ultraviolet resistant polyethylene; thus it will not rust, rot, or grow mold. In addition, it will not crack or break in harsh weather.

The tank is convenient and extremely easy to set up and use. It is shipped as one unit with a spigot attached for easy use. The spigot can connect to hoses or other tanks serving as overflows.

Ease of use and durability are two of the main things buyers consider when purchasing a tank. They also worry about child and pet safety as well as a clean water supply. The Rain Wizard quells these concerns because it is designed for water, child and pet safety. Where the tank is not elevated there is no need for extra precautions for children and pets because the tank does not have large enough openings to fit them. For water safety, the tank comes with a protective screen that keeps out bugs and large debris to reduce water contamination. Treat the water in the tank with chlorine for added safety if the purpose of the water is for domestic use.

Rain Wizard 50 Gal Rain Barrel Features

  • Made of ultraviolet resistant polyethylene (will not grow mold, rot or rust)
  • Has a 50 gallon capacity
  • Fills easily
  • Attached brass spigot for ease of use (spigot can also be used as attachment point to overflow barrels or hoses and pipes)
  • Small openings (they are not big enough for children or pets to climb into or fall through)
  • Bug screen (also keeps out debris and reduces water contamination)


Rain Wizard 50 Gal Rain Barrel Reviews

Buyers enjoy the convenience of the Rain Wizard 50 Gal Rain Barrel. They like that it is durable, safe for small children and animals, and that it is easy to use. The rain barrel received five total stars out of five when reviewed by two people. Both people liked that the promise of the advertised product was thoroughly fulfilled. “Does just what it should,” are the words of a customer who was surprised at how easy it was to use the rain barrel. There were no bad reviews about the product, customers really appreciated it.

On our end, it seems like the Rain Wizard 50 Gal Rain Barrel is a simple and well-made product. The manufacturers took all factors into consideration, namely: safety, cleanliness of water supply, ease of use, affordability, and durability. This product makes collecting rain water for domestic or other uses very easy and hassle free. It does not need any special assembly, just clean it and put it below your rain gutter, all the work is done for you. The Rain Wizard definitely gets our “buy it” recommendation, because the product exceeds buyer’s expectations. It is also very affordable on Amazon and most certainly worth every dollar.

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