Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish

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The Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish is a great example of a unique rain barrel.

Why have a normal boring rain barrel, when you can have one that blends the aesthetics of sandstone with high capacity storage and durable plastic?

Manufactured using a rotational molding plastic technique giving it the unique exterior look that will stand up to almost anything Mother Nature may throw at it temperature-wise.

The Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish Features and Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 23 x 23 x 45.5 inches
  • Product weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Shipping weight: 22 pounds
  • Unique stone-look styling
  • Corrosion proof screen guard
  • Easily accessible Brass spigot for filling watering cans
  • Overflow spout
  • Drain plug for rain barrel maintenance


Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel Reviews

There is little question that the Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel is a hit with buyers. ‘Outstanding’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Great rain barrel’, are just a few of the comments made by reviewers in regards to the product. Surprisingly, the most praised feature isn’t the design, but the massive 75 gallon storage capacity. The size to price ratio is a key reason why many loved it.

It worked both for reviewers in areas with low rainfall as the barrel stored more than enough to tackle the days when there was little water while those who did experience heavy rain applauded how much the Kyoto RBSS Rain Barrel was able to capture. Several buyers made multiple purchases indicating how happy they were with it. Of course, the style was the second purchase point. Its faux pottery look due to its shape and sandstone finish set it apart from regular rain barrels. Buyers liked the fact it had a better visual fit with their home’s exterior.

Where the Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel continued to score big kudos was the simplicity of its installation. There are no special connections needed, just a simple downspout extension, available at any hardware store, to direct the flow into the barrel will do. The easiest method was just to position the barrel in areas around the house where water naturally fell off the roof. Ther were rave reviews about the high the faucet location and construction. Being made out of metal meant no problems with other metal hose fittings and no filling issues with water cans since it was positioned at a good height.

The negatives were few and far apart for the Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish only about the opening on the top and damage during shipping. Buyers commented that the mesh on top was not fine enough to stop smaller debris from getting into the barrel and changed it to a finer material, a key issue to stop bugs and mosquitoes from taking up residence inside. While shipping was prompt, in many cases a few buyers received their barrel with damage, ranging from scratches to a broken spigots. Those that went through the hassle of returning, where its size became the problem, were more than satisfied with the replacement.

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